Kay was here. Vaati rules!

Tree Of Shoes

Yesterday was Thursday, and we all know what that means ... shopping day in Cheboygan!  As my dad and I were finishing up our shopping…
CANDLE Apr 18, 2014
Gary's First Songvid

Gary's First Song

I know videos aren't popular on here, but I got Gary to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!  Plz watch it!  I think it is SO…
CANDLE Apr 15, 2014
Smoochie's Clubhousepic

Smoochie's Clubhouse

This silly little girl kitty has now taken to lounging around in my laundry basket!  I had just done my laundry, so there isn't much…
CANDLE Apr 14, 2014
The Firmamentpic

The Firmament

On my way home from babysitting on Friday night, I noticed that the sun was getting ready to set and had gone behind a horizontal…
CANDLE Apr 13, 2014
New Profile Photopic
CANDLE Apr 13, 2014

Your Spirit, Your Place

Hi there Buzznetters!  I have had a very busy, but very good week!  I can't believe it is Friday already, and that another weekend has…
CANDLE Apr 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Trevorpic

Happy Birthday Trevor

We took this when we dropped him back off at his home!  We had a wonderful lunch to celebrate Trevor's birthday!  We went to Applebee's! …
CANDLE Apr 10, 2014
Walmart ... You Sneaky Bastards!pic

Walmart ... You Sneaky Bastards!

Sorry for the curse word, but nothing else fits!  This is on sale for the same price it was already on this tv!  I hope…
CANDLE Apr 09, 2014
Not Quite Sunsetpic

Not Quite Sunset

I was a bit too early to catch the sunset tonight!  The sun was so bright in the sky!  It was warm and the snow…
CANDLE Apr 08, 2014
Snow On The Groundpic

Snow On The Ground

JJ, this is how much snow we have left!   You had asked so I took a quick shot with my phone!  It is higher where…
CANDLE Apr 07, 2014
I So Miss Thispic

I So Miss This

It is supposed to be spring!!!  I took this photo back in April of 2009 with my little Kodak camera!  The ground is supposed to…
CANDLE Apr 06, 2014
Funny Face!pic

Funny Face!

At lunch on Friday the boys were making silly faces, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting!  When they were done making funny faces…
CANDLE Apr 05, 2014

A Day In Cheboygan With Dad ... For Yong Yi

It is Thursday again, so Dad and I headed to Cheboygan to shop, run errands, and go to several appointments!  What does this have to…
CANDLE Apr 03, 2014
Regional Sunsetpic

Regional Sunset

Sunday night my date and I had dinner at the restaurant above the airport !  It has beautiful views of the evening sun!  Unfortunately the…
CANDLE Apr 02, 2014

Happy Birthday James #5

My amazing nephew named James Albert had his 5th birthday last week, and you know what that means... BIRTHDAY BLOG TIME! We had the party on…
CANDLE Apr 01, 2014
Gurl's Night Outpic

Gurl's Night Out

After I picked Kay up from work tonight, we headed down to Alanson so we could dine at Subway!  The girl who made our sandwiches…
CANDLE Mar 31, 2014

BSTA #42 If I Won A Million Dollars

If I won or had a million dollars, I would do several things!  I would buy all of these, in every single color! (((: Actually, I…
CANDLE Mar 28, 2014
Evening Sunpic

Evening Sun

I am glad to see that Buzznet is fixed and we are all back together on here!  I took this photo on my way home…
CANDLE Mar 27, 2014
Sunrise Smearpic

Sunrise Smear

I shot this Tuesday morning when I was headed over to babysit !  It looked to me like the sky was a painting and the…
CANDLE Mar 23, 2014
I have been sick this week! I hope to be back tomorrow! Until then, look how cute Smoochie is when she sleeps!pic
The Smoochiepic

The Smoochie

Our little addition has taken to sitting on the same pillow that my head is on!  She makes for a very cute hat!  It took…
CANDLE Mar 18, 2014
Pastel Skypic

Pastel Sky

I only have one lens for my camera, so I can't take beautiful close ups of the moon like most of you do!  However, I…
CANDLE Mar 17, 2014


This made me laugh out loud for sure!   The Sears store in Cheboygan has their lawnmowers out front!  I am all for positive thinking!  Since…
CANDLE Mar 14, 2014
Lunch Is So Funnypic

Lunch Is So Funny

This child is a bottomless pit !  I can't believe how much he eats!  He eats more than I do in a day!  He doesn't…
CANDLE Mar 13, 2014
It Is Melting!!!!pic

It Is Melting!!!!

The snow is melting!!!  I am SO happy!  Spring is on it's way!  We can see the bird bath and the top of the picnic…
CANDLE Mar 11, 2014
L'il Smoochiepic

L'il Smoochie

She is growing quickly now that she is feeling better!  It is funny because Robyn is refusing to eat her food in favor of the…
CANDLE Mar 10, 2014
Precious In Plaidpic

Precious In Plaid

I took this shot of Kay while were at the Chinese restaurant in Cheboygan on Thursday while we were waiting for my dad to get…
CANDLE Mar 09, 2014
Paradise Lakepic

Paradise Lake

There is on average 3 feet of ice on the lake this year!  There have been less people ice fishing this year because the ice…
CANDLE Mar 07, 2014
Precious Sonpic

Precious Son

It has been so nice to have Trevor home on spring break this week!  There isn't any spring, but he at least has had a…
CANDLE Mar 06, 2014
A Bit Of Sunshinepic

A Bit Of Sunshine

Late this afternoon we actually saw the sun!  Don't let that fool you though!  It is only 12 degrees!  But, at least it isn't below…
CANDLE Mar 04, 2014
I Haz Dirty Facepic

I Haz Dirty Face

Gary was feeling sleepy and ready for his nap after lunch!  He couldn't sit up, and he actually held still long enough for me to…
CANDLE Mar 03, 2014

BSTA #41 ... What Moves You

Hello fellow storytellers!  Em is our guest admin at this time and has asked us to share what it is that moves us as a…
CANDLE Feb 28, 2014
Precious Little Jamespic

Precious Little James

He will always be our "Sweet Baby James" and we will forever appreciate James Taylor for that song even though it was written and recorded…
CANDLE Feb 27, 2014
Michigan Morning Sunpic

Michigan Morning Sun

This was our sunrise this morning!  It was only 6 degrees with a negative windchill factor!  My fingers were stinging from the cold while I…
CANDLE Feb 25, 2014
Daytona 500 Baby!!!pic

Daytona 500 Baby!!!

No, I am not calling you "baby"! (:  That is a saying in the sport !  Tomorrow is the much awaited Super Bowl of NASCAR…
CANDLE Feb 22, 2014


I went to lunch at a little diner in Cheboygan!  I so wish I could remember the name of it!  I tried to search for…
CANDLE Feb 21, 2014
My Gare Bearpic

My Gare Bear

I had a great day with my little "terrible two" year old! (: His favorite thing right now is to run away and climb under…
CANDLE Feb 18, 2014
Jordan's New Carpic

Jordan's New Car

Well, finally after all these weeks, all these headaches...JORDAN HAS HIS NEW RIDE!!!  From all the way around the world in Okinawa, Jordan bought a…
CANDLE Feb 17, 2014
Smoochie Gets A Bathpic

Smoochie Gets A Bath

She is SO tiny, but she looks even smaller when all of her fur is wet!  I had a very good, very restful weekend!  I…
CANDLE Feb 16, 2014
Happy Valentine's Daypic

Happy Valentine's Day

I celebrated Valentine's Day early!  The man that I am dating bought me these beautiful flowers and a bottle of sparkling moscato!  I am so…
CANDLE Feb 14, 2014
Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiserpic

Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiser

Yesterday, Kay rescued the most adorable little kitten!  She has wanted a kitten for a long time!  Back when she was a young girl she…
CANDLE Feb 13, 2014
KFC Famous Bowlpic

KFC Famous Bowl

I haven't posted FOODZ PORN in a long time!  While in Petoskey on Monday we stopped and ate at what we call, "Cluck and Bell"…
CANDLE Feb 12, 2014


Yup!  That is what this stone is called !  Across from my insurance agent's office, is an old house turned office building now, that is…
CANDLE Feb 11, 2014


Last night I couldn't post a photo by itself, but could post a photo in a blog!  Today I had to try several times, but…
CANDLE Feb 10, 2014

The Reasons

I can't post, like many other people and have the photo show up!  So, I am giving a blog a try!  Here is what I…
CANDLE Feb 09, 2014


Well, sort of!  They don't have any candles on them, but I loved how they were sitting in this diner window!  I was playing around…
CANDLE Feb 06, 2014


Yup!  We got 'em!  Everyone around the US is so happy that the Polar Vortex is over and temperatures have gone back up!  It was…
CANDLE Feb 04, 2014
They Do Existpic

They Do Exist

FLOWERS!!!  These were for sale at Walmart!  I loved the tips being colored in that fashion!  I had to stop our caravan and take a…
CANDLE Feb 03, 2014
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip French Toastpic

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip French Toast

FOOD PORN!!!  NO this is NOT good for a diabetic!  When we went to Cheboygan on Thursday, we didn't have any of the kiddos with…
CANDLE Feb 02, 2014
Happy 22nd Birthday Jordanpic

Happy 22nd Birthday Jordan

That is right, my boy turned 22 today!  Well yesterday since it is after midnight now!  He is downstate visiting his friends and going to…
CANDLE Jan 31, 2014
The Cousinspic

The Cousins

Andy's children were VERY happy to see Jordan when they got home from school on Tuesday!  We didn't tell them that he was coming home! …
CANDLE Jan 30, 2014

Jordan's New Car, Can You Help?

The company in Okinawa that sold Jordan his new car in the states, completely dropped the ball and screwed up! The car is not in…
CANDLE Jan 28, 2014


ALL 3 OF MY KIDS ARE HERE IN MY HOME!!!  I couldn't be happier!  We are all exhausted from our trips, but none of us…
CANDLE Jan 26, 2014
Storming Blue Blazespic

Storming Blue Blazes

I have used this title before, but it once again applies!  I have NO idea how it came to be, but up here in the…
CANDLE Jan 24, 2014

Buzznet Storyteller's Assignment #40 ... Firsts

Yep, I am going to do it !  I am going to talk about my first blind date!  Even though I am older, it was…
CANDLE Jan 22, 2014
The Future of Insite Technologypic

The Future of Insite Technology

We start 'em young!  Gary can actually manage their Mac!  He can play with the calculator!  He can turn the volume up and down!  He…
CANDLE Jan 21, 2014
Snow, Snow, and More Snowpic

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Well I wrote this all out and clicked on Publish and it just disappeared completely!  So, I am going to give it another try!  I…
CANDLE Jan 20, 2014
Remnants Of Another Timepic

Remnants Of Another Time

These tiny red berries just refuse to be defeated!  They have seen the blossoms in spring, the heat of summer, the brilliance of fall, and…
CANDLE Jan 19, 2014


Here is my precious boy hamming it up for the camera!   His favorite word right now is "applesauce"!  He also loves to eat it!  He…
CANDLE Jan 17, 2014
System Snowpic

System Snow

On Tuesday we had quite a snow storm up here in the Mitten! We got about 10 inches of new blowing snow in a matter…
CANDLE Jan 16, 2014

6 Year Buzziversary

I had this all worked out in my mind how I was going to write a Buzziversary blog this year, and then I got sick…
CANDLE Jan 14, 2014
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