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Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

You are probably sick of these, but I have put a lot into capturing the sunsets in my secret place!  It is SO magical to…
CANDLE Oct 20, 2014


I have been absent and I apologize!  I have been super busy and spent a few days in bed because I was sick!  I have…
CANDLE Oct 16, 2014
Birthday Beautypic

Birthday Beauty

Tuesday was Kay's birthday!  We started out with birthday breakfast at McDees like always! Sadly, a nosy cousin of mine, who means well and I…
CANDLE Oct 09, 2014
It's Not Rainingpic

It's Not Raining

Late this afternoon and evening we had a break from the rain!  I was so happy to see that the sun still shines!  I took…
CANDLE Oct 06, 2014
Maple Leavespic

Maple Leaves

I thought they looked like a mom and a baby leaf! (: I took this on the last sunny day we had!  I am hoping…
CANDLE Oct 05, 2014

Birthday Time

Hi there!  You know that my birthday was Monday because I posted photos of that day of celebrations, but tonight was my party with the…
CANDLE Oct 04, 2014
Sunset For Mom ... Other Newspic

Sunset For Mom ... Other News

My mom likes it when I "put all the stuff in it"!  Let me decipher that: She likes it when I frame the sun with…
CANDLE Sep 30, 2014
New Proflie Photopic
CANDLE Sep 30, 2014
Birthday Lunchpic

Birthday Lunch

It is official !!!  I am 47 years old today!  My dad took me out to lunch, just the 2 of us, to celebrate!  We…
CANDLE Sep 29, 2014
Uncle Loupic

Uncle Lou

You all know my Uncle Lou because he used to post here on Buzznet regularly!  My cousin and her bf just bought their own home…
CANDLE Sep 26, 2014

Just A Typical Thursday

Hi there!  I took a lot of photos today and I couldn't decide which one to post, so I am going to do a photoblog…
CANDLE Sep 25, 2014
Another Pellston Sunsetpic

Another Pellston Sunset

I have had to change direction in my secret spot because the sun is shifting, as it should be this time of year!  I am…
CANDLE Sep 21, 2014


Okay!  I finally have 2 seconds to rub together, so it's finally photo blog time!  In case you haven't seen my latest posts on Buzznet…
CANDLE Sep 19, 2014
Puppy Benchpic

Puppy Bench

I know I said that I would post my flying blog tonight, but I got home much too late!  So, this is the bench that…
CANDLE Sep 18, 2014
Meet Majorpic

Meet Major

Kay and I went into Pet Supplies while we were in Petoskey on Monday!  While we were there we met this BEAUTIFUL show dog named…
CANDLE Sep 17, 2014
Flying Highpic

Flying High

Yesterday Tom took me flying in his Cessna 150, and it was AMAZING to say the least !  I was worried that I would be…
CANDLE Sep 13, 2014
Sweet Briarpic

Sweet Briar

My mom has this beautiful bush that is full of blossums and buds!  This reminded me of a poem by Helen Steiner Rice about rosebuds…
CANDLE Sep 06, 2014


I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you all that I have not been able to get onto Buzznet regularly for 2…
CANDLE Sep 04, 2014


I took this shot over the weekend!  I made Kay go to my "secret" spot with me 3 different times because the beauty in the…
CANDLE Aug 28, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

I didn't tell Gary to say "cheese" or pose like I  usually do!  I just started snapping photos of him at play!  I know this…
CANDLE Aug 23, 2014
Happy Birthdaypic

Happy Birthday

to the BEST brother EVER!!!  They make the cutest couple ever!  We had a nice little party to celebrate Andy's birthday!  The kids were all…
CANDLE Aug 21, 2014

Hiking And Fishing With Trevor

Sunday was put aside for Trevor and I to hang out before he heads back up to college!  We had set out on our journey…
CANDLE Aug 19, 2014
Shooting Some Hoopspic

Shooting Some Hoops

This 6 foot 1 inch man that you see before you was once my baby boy! It amazes me that he is about to start…
CANDLE Aug 17, 2014
Tonight's Sunsetpic

Tonight's Sunset

Today was Kay's day off and we had such a great time!  We slept late and then headed up to my mom's for the afternoon! …
CANDLE Aug 16, 2014
Not A Sunsetpic

Not A Sunset

Well the sun is small in the background! This is, of course, my secret spot again!  It is the last sunset we have had!  We…
CANDLE Aug 12, 2014
RIP Robin Williamspic

RIP Robin Williams

I am devastated by the news that Robin Williams took his own life!  Dead Poets Society is my all time favorite movie (most of you…
CANDLE Aug 11, 2014
Itty Bitty Doggypic

Itty Bitty Doggy

Meet my itty bitty friend that traveled all the way to me in Jordan's pocket when he came home from Japan! I have meant to…
CANDLE Aug 10, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

I know I said that I was going to do a photo blog of yesterday at the lake!  But, Buzznet is being glitchy, so here…
CANDLE Aug 08, 2014
My Oldestpic

My Oldest

I really shouldn't pose for photos on days where I wear NO make up! (:  I don't care!  It was GREAT to spend the day…
CANDLE Aug 07, 2014
Evening Sun 2pic

Evening Sun 2

This is the other shot that I got last Friday at my "secret" spot !  I am thinking there was probably a great sunset tonight…
CANDLE Aug 05, 2014
Jordan's Promotionpic

Jordan's Promotion

Jordan got promoted today!  This is his Sergeant and Company Commander pinning him!  I am SO proud of my son! (: I had a super chill…
CANDLE Aug 04, 2014
Evening Sunpic

Evening Sun

When I went home on Friday evening, I saw this pretty sky!  So, I turned the other way to my "secret spot"!  It wasn't  a…
CANDLE Aug 03, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

My Baby Gary won't let me get away with calling him Baby anymore!  According to him, he is to be addressed, Big Boy Gary!  So…
CANDLE Aug 01, 2014
Our Davidspic

Our Davids

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! We celebrated last night with some yummy cake and ice cream! But, I can't post any photos of him anymore…
CANDLE Jul 25, 2014
Sunset of Sunsetspic

Sunset of Sunsets

You are probably sick of my sunsets, but I just can't keep myself from posting them!  It is so delightful to end each day with…
CANDLE Jul 22, 2014

Day in Photos

Well, I wrote this blog once, and as I was putting in the tags somehow I hit the back button and lost the entire blog!…
CANDLE Jul 20, 2014
Soft Sunsetpic

Soft Sunset

We had yet another beautiful sunset tonight!  It went through 3 stages and I was able to photograph the beginning, which you see here, and…
CANDLE Jul 19, 2014


I just have a minute to post this!  It has been raining here most of the day!  I went to pick James up at preschool…
CANDLE Jul 15, 2014
Say Hi to Smoochie! Wanted to let you know that my dad is sick and I won't be on for a day or two! Love you allpic
Grabbing A Burgerpic

Grabbing A Burger

After my Dr appointment today, Kay and I decided to hit McDees and grab a burger!  It was a lot of fun just hanging out…
CANDLE Jul 11, 2014
Family Farepic

Family Fare

The supermarket in Cheboygan where we buy all of our produce has a new owner and a new name!  It used to be Glen's Market…
CANDLE Jul 10, 2014
Rain Dropspic

Rain Drops

Yesterday, tiny cold little drops of rain were falling!  I thought because of how tiny they were that they were really pretty on the blades…
CANDLE Jul 09, 2014
Morning Shadepic

Morning Shade

Yes, I am posting another sky photo!  I am obsessed with the sky!  This was Thursday morning up at my dad's!   I am pretty…
CANDLE Jul 08, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Last night we had to once again say our goodbyes to my PRECIOUS Jordan!  He is still on the road right now, and should be…
CANDLE Jul 07, 2014

Independence Day

Hi there!  I had a very quiet and emotional July 4th holiday this year!  Jordan and I went to the fireworks thinking we would be…
CANDLE Jul 05, 2014

It's Definitely Thursday

Today was a very good, but very long day!  I signed my new lease!  I went to Cheboygan!  I ate Thai food that was super…
CANDLE Jul 03, 2014
All That Remainspic

All That Remains

Jordan and I drove by the property where our house and barn used to be!  Everything is gone now!  They tore it all down!  The…
CANDLE Jun 30, 2014
Gnarly Scarpic

Gnarly Scar

Grandma took Kay's stitches out yesterday before she went to work!  This cut has left one gnarly scar!  Thankfully, since she has to live with…
CANDLE Jun 29, 2014
Another Beautiful Pellston Sunsetpic

Another Beautiful Pellston Sunset

I hope you aren't sick of my sunset shots!  I am just so impressed with them that I want to share them!  The break in…
CANDLE Jun 27, 2014
HE IS HERE!!!!!pic


My boy is home on leave!  This is him and his new truck!  He is tired out from the drive up, but doing well !…
CANDLE Jun 26, 2014

James Goes Skating

Hi there!  I want to thank all of you who commented on my photo of James and his figure skating medals a few weeks ago! …
CANDLE Jun 25, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

As I revealed in my last post, I am rather down and anxious right now!  Well there is nothing better to bring up my spirits…
CANDLE Jun 24, 2014
Jim's Basspic

Jim's Bass

I took this awhile ago and have been wanting to post it !  Jim was fishing off his dock and caught this nice Large Mouth…
CANDLE Jun 23, 2014
Gentle Irispic

Gentle Iris

My brother's irises are in bloom! It is such a perfect sign of summer!  Their color is so gentle and preciously pretty!  I love them!…
CANDLE Jun 20, 2014

Airport Day

Hi there Buzznet fam!  I warned you that I would be posting photo blogs!  Today Andy and I took Kay to the airport in Traverse…
CANDLE Jun 19, 2014
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